The AeM Server

Our Arte et Marte server is a 66 slot server, located in the Netherlands.

The server is set up to accommodate our players as much as possible, with a fast vehicle spawn rate of 50% and adaptive tickets. We run an Ultimate Map Manager plug in on the server, which changes the map list from our Starter map list to our Big Rotation map list.

Battlefield-4-Paracel-Storm-3_0 BF4-Second-Assault---Caspian-Border-Jets

The Starter map list comprises of popular Conquest Maps up to 20 players. After that the Big rotation map list kicks in, together with the Vote Map option. Our players can choose from of a rotation of All DLC’s, played on a Mixed Mode of:
– Conquest
– Obliteration
– Rush
– Capture The Flag
– Chain link
– Carrier Assault

screenshot-pearl-market Battlefield-4-Operation-Locker-TDM

We have admins online every evening. This means the server is well managed and controlled to prevent any kind of cheating, racism or general abuse to anybody who visits our server. We believe it should be a place where you can play hassle free.
All our admins are very experienced in there job, they are fair and level headed.
We also stream live to Metabans to aid us in being a cheat free server, along with other resources such as Fairplay, PPBans, Punkbuster, etc.

BF4_Levolution_Siege_of_Shanghai_web_0 BF4-Second-Assault---Firestorm

We are confident you will enjoy your time on our server and hope you will visit it regularly.
If you have any comments, suggestions or complaints about our server or clan, please post on our Forum. We take all replies very seriously and will get back to you on the matter if needed.

Come and join us at the AeM server on Battlelog.