Welcome to Arte et Marte – “by skill and by fighting”

“[AeM] Arte et Marte”

– Established 2014 –

We are a clan where fun, friendship and respect are paramount.
“Arte et Marte” stands for “by skill and by fighting”.
AeM is an international Gaming Clan, created by a group of kindred spirited, who find it´s all about playing together and having fun. Most of us like to PTFO, but we also have some lone wolves among us.

At the bottom of this page you can see our AeM TeamSpeak. Feel free to join us there!
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“AeM” is recruiting, so if you are interested to join us, just click on Join AeM.
We have a two week trial, for free and no strings attached.
We would be happy to get to know you, so please join us on our TS during your trial.
After the trial you can decide if you want to join us as a full member or not.

Thank you for your interest in the AeM Clan.
AeM – Arte et Marte Clan

AeM Teamtage “Valorous”…
Made by  [AeM] BlackBurnZA33: